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 KASOW (Kanyawegi Support for Orphans and Widows) was founded in 2004 and is a registered charitable organization in Canada. KASOW is devoted to empowering rural communities in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa to achieve sustainable health, education, food security and economic development.  Our approach is with participatory development as opposed to providing hand outs, as we encourage active involvement of constituents in defining problems, making policies and planning programs. We aim to empower communities with relevant knowledge and skills for them to take charge of their own development agenda thus making the projecting community owned.   

Our Mission


To create vibrant and sustainable community health and development programs in marginalized communities through the mobilization of local resources with the view of promoting self-reliance and sustainability… In order to reduce the impact of extreme poverty and HIV pandemic, increase food security, expand access to quality education and health care, improve living standards and create a hopeful future  

Board Members


John Agak (President and Founder)

Jessica Pautsch (Vice-President)

Lydia Agak (Founder)

Ruth Situma (Secretary)

Gordon Yip (Treasurer)

Shirley Buchan  


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