Oyiengo Primary School

KASOW'S first project. The school was breaking down as children had ongoing classes!  The school was rebuilt one classroom at a time.   After the school was completed KASOW built a duplex staff housing to generate rental income to make the school self-sustainable.  Water tanks have been installed so that the children have access to water on site. 


The Bakery

The building and training started in January of 2016 and completed in July of 2016 (more funding was required).  The Bakery employs local women who have learned not only how to bake break and buns but also how to budget and keep books.  These woman are now able to help support their children.


St Juliet’s school in Kibera

 St Juliet's school in Kibera - being funded by Abe from Grand Prarie. There are 800 students at the school where we are trying to establish a renewal of education but fundraising for supplies and renovations.



Water pump

KASOW has started a water pump project which the pump was donated by KASOW, but maintenance and servicing is managed by the community.


YETU finance

KASOW also managing a project to bring sustainability in terms of Financial spending. This is where the community has their money in micro-financing savings.